Fayyaz Travles

DEDICATED SERVICE, TAILORED FOR YOU Founded on our own love for travel, Fayyaz Travels continues to welcome travelers consumed by wanderlust into their family, keeping that streak of passion burning bright. We’ve noticed that each traveler has his/her own ideal version of a trip and understand the importance the little details hold for your trip to be incredibly wonderful. Because of that, we devote our time to talk to you to fully grasp what types of adventures you have envisioned and then go to great lengths to make your idyllic trips happen. We pride ourselves in curating customized itineraries in affordable prices according to individual preferences of our clients. We cater to varying requests ranging from vegetarian/halal meals on tour and personal gourmet chefs to walking on the red carpet at the Cannes film festival and private island holidays. In short, no request is too big and our consultants will ensure your likes and interests are incorporated into your itinerary, so